Apex Legends Season 6: Seven New Legends Leaked

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Apex Legends Season 6 is still ongoing, but fans are already hyped up for the future!

Though, if you were excited about Jack Cooper maybe becoming a Legend in Apex Legends, you may be upset by this next news.


A staggering seven as of yet unannounced Legends from Apex Legends could have just been leaked!

Screenshots show the characters in the roster screen next to all of the other already released champions.

If Respawn sticks to one new Legend a season, Season 13 already looks pretty well planned out!

Though maybe Apex Legends Season 7 will be getting 7 new playable characters?


The Leaked Legends

This leaked image from r/ApexUncovered shows off the Legends character select screen images.

LEGENDARY: Several new legends have been revealed!


Image courtesy of u/NC_Pitts

From this, it’s hard to tell exactly how each will play in the game but we do know their respective roles.

Previously leaked Valk, Ash and new names Horizon, Fuse and Husaria will fulfil Offensive positions.

Blisk and Firebug will take up Recon roles, with currently no signs of more Defence or Support characters.


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New Legend Release Date

It is likely that each leaked Legend will release with their own seasons like others we’ve seen before.

However, the staggering number of them could be a sign that Respawn wants to up the number of new playable characters they add.


It is also important to be hesitant with Apex leaks, especially this one.

Apex Legend’s Season 13 is still a long way away, so plans could change before then.

Respawn has also already made themselves known as developers that love to troll leakers and data miners, so this could all be a hoax.