Apex Legends pro reaches Predator without scoring a kill

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Screenshot of Apex Legends players running and NRG Sweetdreams looking at monitor and wearing headset
Credit: Respawn Entertainment / EA

For those looking for their fix of competitive Apex Legends action, ranked is the place to go in Season 17. The 17th seasonal update for the battle royale arrived with a wealth of ranked changes in a bid to improve the game.

With an enhanced focus on final placements to climb the ranks, some fans approve of the changes while others aren’t best pleased. To top it off, controller players claim the Season 17 update has broken aim assist, making it even harder to hit the target.

To demonstrate the flaws with the new ranked structure, one professional player has reached Predator without scoring a single elimination.

The top Apex Legends rank with no kills

During the first few days of Season 17, NRG player Christopher ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton managed to enter the highest ranked division with no damage and no kills to his name.

Reaching Predator without defeating another player sounds like a tricky task and in order to do so, sweet spent most of the time staying out of trouble. He even managed to win five of the 50 matches in addition to several top-five finishes.

Although there’s plenty of frustration with the new system, members of the community are reserving judgement until more players are familiar with the changes. “Let’s chill,” comments one fan hoping Respawn Entertainment applies changes sooner rather than later.

Balancing the value of eliminations and placement is a tricky task in a battle royale. For example, if one player scores 5 kills but finishes 15th, should they receive more points than a winning player who didn’t score any?

The debate between players and the developer is ongoing, so there’s every chance adjustments to the ranked structure appear in the not-too-distant future. As for sweetdreams, reaching Predator without hitting a single target is as close as it gets to completing Apex Legends.

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