Apex Legends fan creates popular weapon out of Lego

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Screenshot of Lego Apex Legends Wingman and Apex Legends player holding a Wingman in their hand
Credit: u/EWOK5016 / Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends community is known for showing their passion for Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s through drawing their favourite Legends or some incredible cosplay, the support for the game remains high in Season 17.

With attention slowly moving towards Season 18, players are dropping into matches that are filled with bots while other members of the community believe that the current time to kill is too fast.

To showcase their love of Apex Legends, one fan has created a popular weapon from the battle royale out of Lego.

Apex Legends Lego Wingman

Reddit user EWOK5016 managed to build the Wingman out of Lego and even applied a custom coat of paint so it closely resembles its in-game counterpart.

The fan shares more details on their Lego replica: “I made this Wingman ‘Merciless Wing’ skin out of Lego. It is 1:1 replica.”

Fellow Apex Legends fans were quick to offer their seal of approval. One user says: “This is a 10 from me! Very nice.” Another member of the community is so impressed they’ve asked the creator for a set of instructions: “That’s awesome! I’d love to see instructions and parts list.”

Some Apex Legends fans love the idea of Lego weaponry so much, they’re now thinking of a fully-fledged crossover to create Lego Apex Legends: “And now I want a Lego Apex Legends game.”

The idea of a Lego Apex Legends game may be a little ambitious, but a collaboration between the two to create models of various weapons and Legends could prove extremely popular for those looking for different ways to display their love of the game. We wonder if EWOK5016 has plans to recreate other weapons in the arsenal.

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