Apex Legends fans claim content creators are out of touch with players

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Screenshot of Apex Legend player holding an orange orb and Apex Legends player running while pointing rifle upwards
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends content creators are never afraid to share their opinions surrounding Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. Whether it’s praise or criticism, there’s always one causing debate within the often-vocal community.

With the focus turning towards the launch of Season 18, those dropping into the action believe the time to kill is too fast, while a fan-made survey claims the Apex Legends community is the most toxic in all of gaming.

The latest topic of conversation involves one fan claiming content creators are growing out of touch with the rest of the player base.

Apex Legends content creators are out of touch according to fans

In a recent Reddit post from user wardamnjared, the fan questions: “How have content creators gotten so out of touch with the general player base?”

The player also adds: Do they genuinely believe every squad is capable of dominating everything every game and winning?” Judging by the comments, wardamnjared isn’t the only one that believes content creators are moving away from the opinions of casual Apex Legends fans. Another player says: “I mean they consume this game exclusively 24/7, of course they’re out of touch.”

Another community member believes the problem is more widespread. The fan claims: “I feel like the Apex community itself is out of touch and forgot why they even play the game.”

Ultimately, it’s a matter of opinion as to whether Apex Legends content creators are losing touch with the rest of the community. They’re extremely passionate about the game so it’s understandable to see a few opinions that may not fit in with the views of others dropping into the action on a regular basis.

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