Apex Legends reveals tabletop board game

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Screenshot of Apex Legends board game and miniature figures and Apex Legends player holding an SMG
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The popularity of Apex Legends shows no signs of slowing down in Season 17. Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is available on PC and consoles and with every update, it continues to evolve five years after its initial launch.

While some fans aren’t best pleased with the weapon mastery system, Respawn and EA are always on the lookout for new ways to capture the imagination of their passionate player base.

Instead of releasing another update a few weeks into Season 17, the game is taking a different approach. Apex Legends has joined forces with Glass Cannon Unplugged to create an officially licensed board game, bringing the action to a nearby tabletop.

An Apex Legends board game?!

On May 17, 2023, the Apex Legends Twitter account unveiled a closer look at the board game that includes every single Legend that features in the video game.

Alongside the full character roster complete with abilities and ultimates, the board game features a shrinking circle and small arena in the style of various buildings in the video game. Judging by the comments, there’s plenty of excitement surrounding its release. “This has better quality than the actual game!” exclaims one member of the community.

As expected, the announcement quickly gathered traction and within 24 hours of the Kickstarter campaign launching, Glass Cannon Unplugged revealed the Apex Legends board game hit its target, meaning the game will start full development.

Apex Legends board game release date


With development officially underway, the Apex Legends board game is scheduled to release in June 2024. Although it’s still a while away, it’s plenty of time for the creators to develop and fine-tune all aspects of the game before fans drop into the action.

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