Apex Legends fans claim its battle pass currently isn't worth grinding

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Season 17 battle pass rewards and Revenant with an orange background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The start of a new Apex Legends season always introduces a brand-new battle pass packed with a range of content to unlock. Season 17’s items include skins, banners, and more but despite the variety of items, players dropping into the action are growing tired of the system.

With this latest season of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale already in full swing and players continuing to blast the ‘awful’ weapon mastery system, having a battle pass that’s also struggling to capture the imagination of fans is far from an ideal scenario.

Now, just a few weeks after the update went live, one player has taken to social media claiming that said battle pass simply isn’t ‘worth the grind’ and it appears that many of their fellow legends agree with this assessment.

Is the Apex Legends battle pass worth it?

According to the Reddit user in question, TheOnlyKawaiiGoddess, the introduction of stars to work through each tier has "ruined the grind of the battle pass".

The player also believes “the awards in the battle pass just don’t feel (rewarding enough),” suggesting the several hours of game time aren’t worth dedicating to acquire items that likely won't become staples of your loadout. There are plenty of other fans that agree. One commenter says the whole system is “tedious and not very fulfilling.”

On the other hand, there are members of the community that believe the battle pass is still worth investing in. “You get all the coins back you pay in. You get crafting materials on top, (a) couple of Legendaries on top, and couple of Apex Packs on top. Battle pass is a no-brainer,” says one fan.

Respawn Entertainment is no stranger to taking player feedback on board and with Season 18 being the next point a fresh battle pass will enter the arena, there are a few weeks for the developer to adjust the system so it’s worth reaching the top tiers.

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