More xQc Twitch Drama as he calls out hot tub meta streams

The xQc drama continues as he calls out Twitch for their apparent unfair practices. Twitch has been accused of picking favorites frequently, and sexual content is one of the biggest reasons. The dispute this time was about Twitch's meta hot tub streams, which make a lot of money.

The front age of Twitch. There are many preview images but two that stand out are for an e-girl and another girl doing a hot tub stream. Both are dressed in sexually appealing clothing.
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Twitch's front page on 20th of April 2021

xQc seems to be annoyed most with the fact that hot tub meta streams dominate the Twitch homepage. Many streamers have an issue with these streams because they claim that most are just showing off their bodies. Even though people may not like this, it doesn't go against the Community Guidelines.

The guidelines do not state that you cannot wear a swimsuit as you stream, they only state:

"Nudity and sexually explicit content or activities, such as pornography, sexual acts or intercourse, and sexual services, are prohibited."

Although these streamers know precisely what they are doing, they should understand why xQc drama has grown from it. xQc himself has chosen to support female streamers who choose to use their sexuality to their benefit. In this video, at 3:02, xQc states that this content is okay.

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The xQc drama may come from a misunderstanding, and xQc's hate might be towards Twitch itself.

Perhaps xQc is not targeting the people behind this kind of content; instead, this xQc drama might be from Twitch promoting it. It is one thing to allow the content and not give the stringent warnings that many smaller streamers get. By placing the content on the front page of Twitch, the company is showing that it is actively promoting the material.

If the content isn't in violation of Twitch's Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, Twitch has the right to promote it. It will be interesting to see how other smaller streamers will see this as favoritism because they get very little slack regarding reports and bans.

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