Twitch bot take-down leaves xQc and other big streamers losing millions of followers

Twitch is aware of streamers who use fake engagement to bolster their views and followers. They have taken down more than 7.5 million bot accounts and posted multiple tweets on the issue. They haven't named any accounts but the results have affected many streamers.

In the Twitch community, many Twitch streamers build a following by maintaining a schedule and working hard. Through months of hard work, their following slowly builds. It is these streamers that make Twitch great.

Conversely, many other streamers prefer to appear as if they are growing rather than doing the actual work. These streamers have no issue with paying for fake engagement, and they have made a profitable industry. These streamers are the reason why view-botting and follow-botting are so prevalent.

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Some of the more popular streamers were significantly affected by the take-downs, including xQc.

It is interesting to note that xQc has lost 2.6 million followers due to Twitch's actions. Losing followers isn't necessarily bad, and Twitch Support says regular streamers may lose some followers in the coming days. Many suspect xQc because, before Twitch's actions, xQc had 8.1 million followers and is now at 5.5 million.

As a comparison of xQc with Ninja, Ninja had 16.9 million followers before the bot account removal. Twitch's actions caused Ninja to lose 200,000 followers, or a little over 1% of his audience. xQc lost 32% of his total followers, which has caused many to wonder if xQc was actually unaware of these bots.

Other big-name streamers lost around as many subscribers as xQc. Sodapoppin lost 3.3 million subscribers, and LospollosTV lost over 2 million followers.

A graph showing both Ninja and xQc's Twitch data. Ninja's Twitch data shows he is down 173,140 followers. XqC's Twitch data shows he is down 2,5,84,540 followers.
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Even though their numbers are rising, the loss is still clear

Only time will tell who Twitch will take legal action against; however, they probably will not take action against their biggest streamers. Twitch has a history of giving leniency to more prominent streamers and will most likely leave this situation alone as far as streamers go. Still, it will be interesting to see more fan reaction to streamers benefitting from bots.

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