Where To Find And Talk To Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy In Fortnite (Season 5 Predator Challenge)

Another week has passed and now we're heading into week 9 of Fortnite's Season 5.

Since Chapter 2 Season 5 released at the beginning of December, Epic has gone ahead and implemented all sorts of new Hunters within the game.

These Hunters have ranged from Master Chief all the way to Kratos, and now we are getting a brand new one soon.

The Predator challenges have gone live within the game, and there is one that may stump a few of you. 

Here is where to find and talk to Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy! 


Beef Boss

The iconic burger skin that was introduced all the way back in Chapter 1, is one of the easier NPCs to find within the game.

Players can head over directly north of Pleasant Park, and slightly east to Stealthy Stronghold. 

You should be able to notice a small hut with a few burgers stands near it, and Beef Boss should be right next to this.



Next on your list is a skin that was apart of the Chapter 2 Season 1 battle pass back in 2019.

This skin's location is also around the same area as Beef Boss.

Remedy will be located within the house atop the hill directly north of Plesant Park! 

This house is easily distinguishable within the game, and you should not have any issues finding it! 



Last but not least, Dummy is also going to be found within the same vicinity as the other two NPCs. 

Directly south of where you talk to Beef Boss, there will be a collection of rocks in a small circle.

This is where you are going to find Dummy!

So, players should be able to interact with all three skins within the same game. 


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