What Happened To Midas in Fortnite?

Midas is one of the most prominent characters in Fortnite. Along with Travis Scott, these two characters are probably the most searched characters in Fortnite.

Although Midas was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2, he rose to popularity pretty soon, thanks to his involvement with the storyline as a whole. In a nutshell, Midas wants to seize control of Fortnite island, no matter the cost.

Thanks to the mishap with the Device, Midas had sent the storm for a toss! But it's back now. However, I personally feel that Midas has somehow managed to escape the loop and is in hiding.

Here's a full build up on what happened to Midas, and what I feel of his whereabouts.

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Midas and his tryst with Fortnite?

As mentioned before, Midas was introduced back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. Although there happens to be no confirmation about this bit, but Midas, in all probability was the elected leader for the organization GHOST.

He managed to trigger the Device, which resulted in a live event in Fortnite. Following the event, he went on to join the organization SHADOW. The Agency changed into The Authority as well.

All of this concluded with his death in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, or so we think. Since the Device managed to harness the power of the loop, I feel Midas managed to escape the loop, leaving behind his snapshot. Something similar happened to Batman and Catwoman, as seen in Batman x Fortnite issue #6.

Midas died a very sorry death in the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. He was seen being eaten by a Loot Shark, but that was his snapshot in all probability. And as we all know, snapshots respawn once the loop resets every 22 minutes.

We saw a strange form of Midas return during the Fortnitemares event. This version of Midas was known as the Shadow Midas. He was one of the bosses during Fortnite's signature Halloween event.

That being said, there exists another snapshot of Midas, which is known as Midas Rex. This snapshot wears a big steel suit and can be seen in the Last Laugh Bundle, alongside Poison Ivy and the Joker.

This could probably be a hint about his whereabouts. Maybe he managed to get into Gotham City after escaping the loop and somehow got into the leagues with Ivy and Joker. I'm not sure if this actually happened, it's just a speculation.

Moreover, there's another piece of the puzzle that we're yet to figure out. Who's Marigold? She's basically the female Midas in Fortnite, but very little is known about her.

Is she Midas's female snapshot from another dimension? Or is she someone pretending to be the female Midas? We don't know that. So it's not really safe to make any comment without knowing anything whatsoever about this character.

Finally, we come to Oro, better known as King Oro. This character is a legendary skin in the game, and it's made out of complete gold. This goes on to show that Oro is related to Midas somehow.

Oro could either be Midas' ancestor. He could also be Midas himself, but from the past. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding Midas, his origins and his involvement in the Fortnite lore. All these can be considered as contributing factors to his popularity within the community.

This character will see a potential return sometime soon. I don't have an exact date for his return, but he will return, that I'm sure of. Midas was never up to any good, and he isn't done yet!

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