Where are Crystal Trees In Fortnite (Season 5 Week 13 Challenge)

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A brand new week of Fortnite challenges is arriving soon.

Now that we're heading into week 13 of Fortnite's Season 5, there's so much XP up for grabs.

A new week means new weekly challenges have arrived for players to get stuck into and help aid them in their quest to complete this season's Battle Pass.


One of the final challenges for this week will require you to search for some crystal trees within the map.

Here's where to find them! 



These trees are brand new for Chapter 2 Season 5, and you more than likely already had some encounters with them.

Players can head anywhere around the center of the map, more specifically where the sand is within the map.

These trees offer an ample amount of resources and also drop magical rocks.


Consuming these rocks allows players to teleport a short distance in any direction, and are great for combat. 

Completing this challenge will net you 20,000 XP and you must destroy five of them! 

Check out our full week 13 challenge guide down below for more helpful tips with getting all the XP up for grabs!

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