Fortnite's Unstable Bow: Everything We Know

When will the Unstable Bow come out in Fortnite?

Epic’s recent Fortnite Season 6 blog post teased the Unstable Bow’s existence in an image, and Fortnite dataminer Hypex dug up some more information about it.

However, it’s not entirely clear when the latest Fortnite Exotic weapon will come out, since information is still scarce.

Hypex found stats and more for the other new Exotic weapon, the Junk Gun, but so far, they’ve only found sounds and a few information tidbits about the Unstable Bow, including what it does and how it sounds.

Still, with Epic essentially confirming the Unstable Bow will release in Season 6, we likely won’t have to wait long to find out more about it.

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When will Unstable Bow Come Out in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s Unstable Bow will come out sometime in Season 6.

Epic already released two new Exotic weapons, the Shadow Tracker and Hop Rock Dualies, at the start of the season.

Seasons last a few months in Fortnite, so we’ll possibly see Unstable Bow in Fortnite sometime in May or June.

What does Fortnite’s Unstable Bow Do?

We don’t know much about the Unstable Bow yet.

Hypex suggested the bow revolves around glitch effects and might make a target’s screen glitch when its arrows make contact.

Of course, it will deal damage too.

How to Get Unstable Bow in Fortnite

Since the Unstable Bow is an Exotic weapon, you’ll have to buy it off an NPC.

We’ll know more about which NPC you can buy Unstable Bow from closer to its release.

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