When Was Fortnite Made and Originally Released?

Another week has passed and now we're heading into week 9 of Fortnite's Season 5.

Chapter 2 Season 5 has experienced one of the best season releases in quite some time, but the lack of content since release has steered fans away in some regards.

Nevertheless, it appears Fortnite is still moving in the right direction; as it has been since it was originally released.

A lot of you may be unaware of when Fortnite originally released and what it was before it was the world's most popular battle royale. 

Here's when Epic Games originally made Fortnite and what type of game it was intended to be at first! 



Epic Games originally released Fortnite all the way back in 201, but the game never held a closed alpha until sometime in 2014.

Back during this time, Fortnite was only a PVE game; which is what the Save The World game mode currently is. 

Fast forward a few years to 2017 and Fortnite released fully to the public as an early access game with only Save The World present.

Then on September 26th, 2017 Epic Games implemented the battle royale game mode, and well the rest is history.

The game skyrocketed in popularity and become a cultural sensation for the next couple of years.

Now, Fortnite is on its fifteenth season and it does not look like Epic is slowing down anytime soon! 


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