Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura Coming to Fortnite Soon!

During the first day in court against Apple a new months ago, an internal document from Epic Games revealed their plans for many cosmetic items and events crossing over with various IPs.

While Fortnite fans have seen some of the items in the document become a reality, there are a few that have not yet, leading to speculation on if or when this content will arrive in the game.

One of the more popular ideas mentioned in the document was the mention of Naruto cosmetic items.

Latest News

November 15, 2021

An official video with a countdown as been posted to the official Fortnite YouTube page. The Naruto video will go live when the downtime for Fortnite 18.40 starts.

A look at the Hidden Leaf Village Creative Hub has also been leaked:

When Will Naruto Be in Fortnite?

According to HYPEX, Naruto will arrive in Fortnite on November, 16, 2021, with the Fortnite 18.40 update. His arrival will also include a Hidden Leaf Village hub from Creative Mode around 9 a.m. EST on that day.

Not only that but Naruto will be joined by other characters from the anime. Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura all appear in official artwork for the collaboration, along with Pickaxes and Back Bling.

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