05 May 2021 1:21 PM +00:00

When Is Naruto Coming to Fortnite?

During the first day in court against Apple, an internal document from Epic Games revealed their plans for many cosmetic items and events crossing over with various IPs.

While Fortnite fans have seen some of the items in the document become a reality, there are a few that have not yet, leading to speculation on if or when this content will arrive in the game.

One of the more popular ideas mentioned in the document was the mention of Naruto cosmetic items.


Naruto in Fortnite

Naruto is a top-rated manga series that ran between 1999 and 2014.

The series was also adapted into an anime airing 720 episodes over the course of ten years.

There are eleven movies in the series and an additional 12 original video animations (OVAs.)

The Fortnite emote "Full Tilt" is based on the popular Naruto Run meme, where people film themselves running similar to the ninjas in Naruto.

The inclusion of Naruto in the leaked Epic Games internal document does not guarantee his inclusion in Fortnite, just that Epic was pursuing the IP for use.


Still, with the popularity of Naruto, this collaboration may be in the works.

Based on information have on which items in the document have come to Fortnite and when they actually came out versus when the release dates in the document list, it is possible players could see Naruto in toward the end of 2021.

This is all speculation, of course.

Epic Games has given no official comment about the items in the document, and which deals are set in stone and are just pipe dreams they hoped to have added to Fortnite.

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Epic vs. Apple

Epic's trial against Apple in their anti-competitive practices suit is now underway.

Epic claims that Apple holds an unfair advantage over developers with the App Store by forcing any app listed on the service to use their payment processing system and charging high rates for doing so.

Epic bypassed this system, forcing Apple to remove the Epic App and Fortnite from the App Store, leaving iOS users without a way to play the popular battle royale game.