What Do The Golden Girls, Beyond Thunderdome, and Fortnite's Marigold Have in Common?

UPDATE: There are rumors stating fans may actually get a Mad Max-style theme for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 9. Might there be an official collaboration in the works after all?

Did you read the headline?

I'm guessing you did if you're reading this.

I'll tell you the answer to the question right now.

What all of those things have in common is that they are part of my "Top 3 Most Wanted" things in Fortnite right now.

Of course, there is no way we'd ever see these in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8, but there's always the future.

Let me break them down...

My Top 3 Fortnite Wishes

There are currently three things I would love more than anything to come to Fortnite.

The Golden Girls

There's no denying that the Golden Girls are awesome, and the thought of them toting guns and mowing down Loopers on Apollo Island is so very appealing.

Could you imagine a squad made up of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia?

Of course, Sophia would need a giant fork with a meatball on it for a Pickaxe.

Also, we would need an "Eat Dirt and Die Trash" Emote.

This wouldn't be the first time the ladies of the classic Sitcom got to see a bit of action, either.

There was a comic series called Team Gold 4 that saw Dorothy “The Muscle” Zbornak, Rose “The Mind” Nylund, Blanche “The Wild One” Devereaux, and Sophia “Pretty Deadly” Petrillo as superhero WWII spies.

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Max Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Tina Turner in Beyond Thunderdome
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HERO: We don't need another one

You may be wondering why I'm specific about which Mad Max comes to Fortnite.

Max and his V8 Interceptor Pursuit Special would be an amazing addition to the Fortnite world and would actually fit in well with the game's aesthetic.

There is one thing Beyond Thunderdome had that all the other Max Max movies didn't.

Tina Turner.

I'm sorry, but getting an Aunty Entity skin would be beyond amazing.

Where Does Marigold Come In?

Fortnite Rose Gold Marigold
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ROSE: This would be an easy win for Fortnite

While my first two wishes for Fortnite are pipe dreams, my third wish would be pretty simple for Epic Games to add to the game.

My third Fortnite wish is just for a Rose Gold style for Marigold.

Just as little hue and saturation tweaks and BOOM, new style for Marigold.

Let's Do It, Epic

What do you say, Epic? Can we get one or all three of these in-game?

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