Fortnite Update 21.30 Release Date, Time, Leaks, and More

Fortnite Update 21.30 Release Date Speculation, Time, Leaks and More

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Fortnite is a pretty huge game. Initially launching as a campaign-based PvE game, the battle royale mode took on a life of its own as one of the biggest games in the world. If you're looking for the Fortnite Update 21.30 Release Date, here's what you should know.

As you might expect, we don't have any official confirmation yet. This being said, a server in the game points to the release date. We have all the information on that plus some of what we can expect to find when it launches.

If you're currently playing the game and looking into how the port-a-fort works, this is what you should know. If this isn't what you're looking for, here are the rarest Fortnite skins right now.

Fortnite Update 21.30 Release Date

Though we don't have official confirmation from Epic themselves, iFireMonkey, a well-known leaker and reporter, has revealed it is set to go live on July 19, 2022.

Fortnite Update 21.30 Release Date Speculation, Time, Leaks and More
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This is based on reports from staging servers that have been added to the game. They come with a release date and some more information pointing at the next update.

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They then followed up this leak by reporting this is most likely the "Summer update" people have been expecting.

What Comes With The Next Fortnite Update?

ShiinaBR, another well-known voice in the Fortnite community, has revealed that Epic has recently added a logo from Dragon Ball. As we don't yet have this collaboration, it seems likely it will launch with the next update.

Alongside this, we will likely see a few more skins, items and changes to the map. Given last year's Summer event was pretty huge and filled with extra terrestrial beings, it seems this year will do something similar.

Hopefully, we will see some brand new changes to the map, alongside some new LTMs. These modes will most likely net you some nice cosmetics for your account.

When Will the Next Fortnite Update Come Out?

This year, the entirety of Epic is set to take a Summer break from July 25 to August 8. This will mean no major updates or changes in this time. If the game happens to break, it will likely get fixed but it seems nothing more will happen.

This means the launch of the next update will most likely be delayed. This being said, Fortnite has a huge player base for people in school. It seems likely that Epic will capitalise on the downtime from school by putting out another big update of some kind in August. Only time will tell what their plans are. If anything changes, we'll update you right here.

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