Fortnite Creative To Host The Soundwave Series

Credit: Image via Epic Games

Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed El-Hamaki is a renowned Egyptian singer, best known for receiving the Best Arabia Act award at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2010. The talented musician has also been a coach at The Voice Ahla Sawt to help budding artists on their journey.

Fortnite has also served similar roles in the gaming industry and has helped a lot of budding content creators in finding their marks. Having said that, the collaboration between Fortnite and Mohamed Hamaki makes a lot of sense.

With leaks revealing the Soundwave Series music show in Fortnite Creative, it has also been confirmed that Mohamed Hamaki will perform his upcoming song, Leilt Elomr!

Let's dive in and check out everything about the Soundwave Series in Fortnite Creative.

Soundwave Series in Fortnite

According to the leaks that have surfaced for the Soundwave Series in Fortnite Creative, the event is set to kick off at 2 PM Eastern Time on Friday, 1st October.

However, Mohamed Hamaki's performance is set to begin on 3rd October at 7 AM BST and will be available until 7 PM BST for fans to enjoy.

Rewards for the Soundwave Series

Although there has been no official reveal from Epic Games regarding the Soundwave Series, it is safe to say that there will definitely be exclusive cosmetic rewards available for players who attend the music show. Given that the entire event is happening in Fortnite Creative instead of the Party Royale arena means that fans will be able to enjoy a unique experience with the upcoming music show.

We will update this section once the official release is revealed by the developers.

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