Fortnite Introduces Party Worlds: What Are They?

Epic just announced the arrival of Party Worlds in Fortnite. These creative maps are an excellent way for players to have fun, hang out, and play some mini-games without the constraints of Creative Hubs.

Although the new mode seems pretty cool, there may be some confusion about how Party Worlds differ from Creative Hubs, Party Royale, and regular Creative Maps.

Now is a great time to check out the new feature while Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 comes to a close and Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 ramps up.

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Party World Details

Party Worlds are similar to Creative Hubs as they allow players to chill with their friends in a more laid-back atmosphere while in-game. Unlike Creative Hubs, Party Worlds do not link to other islands. That means they are self-contained, containing no discovery tools at all.

Epic has also put several guidelines in place for players looking to create Party Worlds:

  • Party Worlds should not be threatening. They shouldn’t center on combat or damage.
  • Party Worlds should have a high focus on self-expression through emotes, sprays,outfit changes, or other mechanics.
  • Party Worlds should encourage social interaction, giving people a way to make new friends or team up with existing friends in new ways.

All players need to do to have their submissions added as a Party World is to add the "Party World" tag while submitting the Fortnite Discover Submission Form.

Fortnite Late Night Lounge
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Along with the launch of the Party World feature, two maps are being highlighted to showcase the new functionality.

  • Walnut World by fivewalnut (Island code: 9705-9549-4193)
  • Late Night Lounge by TreyJTH (Island code: 8868-0043-1912)
  • Apollonite Worlds: Underwater Party by Eurpspingo (Island code: 6185-5679-1191)
  • Slayer's Third World Party v6.1 by Twitchslgaming22 (Island code: 9353-6585-8229)

For those Fortnite players who are looking to see what Party Worlds are all about, or Creators looking for a bit of Party World inspiration, these few maps are the place to start!

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