Fortnite Marvel Zero War Event: Release Time, Details, and New Skins

Image of Fortnite characters holding Marvel weapons atop a hill.

After a very successful crossover with DC Comics called Zero Point, it seems that Fortnite is now teaming up with Marvel as well. The battle royale behemoth is teasing a Fortnite Marvel Zero War event, which should be another monumental moment for the game, featuring recognisable comic characters.

In this Fortnite guide, we'll run through the Marvel Zero War event, so you know exactly what it consists of. That includes breaking down the limited comic run and the rewards found within, as well as when this limited promotion will take place.

One of the key introductions is the Spider-Man Zero skin, which you can already learn all about by clicking that link. We've also got an overall Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 hub for all the latest additions, as well as a look at the weapon changes this season.

What Is the Fortnite Marvel Zero War Event?

Fortnite Marvel Zero War is a comic crossover event that was first announced in early June 2022. Consisting of five issues, it'll see iconic Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man crossing over into the world of Fortnite.

That's right: the Fortnite Marvel Zero War event isn't an in-game activity. Not yet, at least. Perhaps the crossover will work the other way around when the skins enter the shop, but for now, the feet of the Fortnite Marvel crossover are firmly planted in the comics.

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In terms of plot, details are still quite thin until the first issue comes out. The teaser from Epic Games is as follows: "A fragment of the Zero Point has ended up in the Marvel Universe, so worlds collide as the hunt for the Zero Shard begins."

However, what's currently unclear is the extent to which the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War comic line will crossover with the base game. The DC Comics Zero Point event saw a few skins and other cosmetics added to the rotation, and that seems to be the same here. Expect a few new items in the shop, but probably nothing on the scale of the recent Collision event.

Image of the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War Issue #1 cover.
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When Does The Fortnite Marvel Zero War Event Take Place?

The Fortnite Marvel Zero War event starts on June 8, 2022, with the release of the first of five issues in the comic series. The following four issues will release throughout the summer, culminating in the fifth issue on September 28, 2022.

While we'll see those five issues and their specific rewards throughout the summer, it's still unclear if that'll translate to an in-game event. We could very well see some limited-time quests, perhaps similar to the Gears of War quests from late 2021.

Therefore, there likely won't be a major map-changing event akin to Collision for the Marvel crossover. There may be a few new items in the shop and perhaps some Marvel-themed NPCs, but probably nothing hugely impactful has been revealed just yet.

What Rewards Are In The Fortnite Marvel Zero War Event?

Release Date
How to Get
Spider-Man Zero skin
June 8, 2022
Code from issue #1 or Item Shop
Iron Man weapon wrap
July 13, 2022
Code from issue #2 or Item Shop
Wolverine pickaxe
August 17, 2022
Code from issue #3 or Item Shop
Exclusive spray
August 31, 2022
Code from issue #4
Exclusive loading screen
September 28, 2022
Code from issue #5

So far, there are five items due to release in Fortnite that are tied to the Zero War event. Each will release alongside the corresponding issue in the series, with exclusive rewards first available to comic owners, before arriving in the Item Shop. They are as follows:

As you'll notice, the final two items won't come to the Item Shop, and instead can only be unlocked by redeeming a code found within the comic. Therefore, if you want to complete the collection you'll need to purchase the comics run.

Equally, we don't know if any other items will release to coincide with the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War event. Another skin on top of Spider-Man Zero seems unlikely at this point, though we'll have to wait and see.

That's it for our look at the Fortnite Marvel Zero War event! Be sure to check back again, because we'll update this guide if new themed items are announced. Until then, feel free to check out the Fortnite Crew Pack rewards for June 2022.

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