How To Unlock The Ruby Shadows Fortnite Skin For Free

With the most recent update to Fortnite, a new skin called Ruby Shadows was added to the game.

This skin comes as part of a free pack, the 'Street Shadows Challenge Pack', which is available for free.

However, it is only available to PC players at this time. But, there is a really easy way to unlock it on console.

Here's how to get the Ruby Shadows skin and cosmetics for free on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Mobile, Xbox Series X and PS5.

How To Unlock The Ruby Shadows Fortnite Skin For Free On Console And Mobile

Firstly, you will need to have a PC with Fortnite installed. An appropriate laptop, desktop or even tablet that can run the PC version of the game will do. It doesn't matter how good the PC is as long as you can access the game menus.

Download and install the Epic Games Store Launcher on your device of choice. Then download and install Fortnite and login with your existing Epic Games account once done.

Load up Fortnite and head to the item store. Scroll down to the 'Limited Time' section and select the Stree Shadows Challenge Pack.

This pack should cost you £0.00. Follow the instructions to purchase it and you're done claiming the pack.

But, there's more to it than that! You've now unlocked a set of challenges to complete to unlock the Ruby Shadows skin.

Fortunately, you can jump back on your console of choice and the challenges will now be linked to your account; meaning you don't need to complete them on PC.

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You'll be given four quests to complete which will give you four cosmetics, including the Ruby Shadows skin.

  • Play with friends (0/5) - rewards the Blackout Bag Back Bling
  • Outlast Opponents (0/500) - rewards the Sky Shadow glider
  • Deal damage to opponents (0/1,000) - rewards the Shadow Slicer Pickaxe
  • Complete Ruby Shadows Quests (0/3) - rewards the Ruby Shadows skin

This should be easily done within a few games of Team Rumble or even regular Battle Royale.

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