How To Scan a Server At The Surface Hub (Season 5 Week 13 Challenge)

A brand new week of Fortnite challenges is arriving soon.

Now that we're heading into week 13 of Fortnite's Season 5, there's so much XP up for grabs.

A new week means new weekly challenges have arrived for players to get stuck into and help aid them in their quest to complete this season's Battle Pass.

Some of the new challenges this week are relatively easy, but this one may stump a few of you.

Here's how and where to scan the surface hub within Fortnite!


This challenge is only going to reward players with 20,000 XP. So, not a lot in comparison to other challenges.

Butt, it is still worth your time to complete as it is relatively easy.

Players will need to head to the Colossal Colieseium, and head over to the basement.

There you will find an underground hideout where the scanner is.

The scanner is within one of the rooms, just up the stairs so it is not hard to find!

Check out our full week 13 challenge guide down below for more helpful tips with getting all the XP up for grabs!

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