How To Link Link/Unlink Your Nintendo Account To Your Epic Games Account

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is underway, and players are now concluding the remainder of their Operation Snowdown challenges. 

The current season is coming to a close in around a month's time, and players are looking to max out their battle pass soon.

If you happen to own a Nintendo Switch, it can be tricky when figuring out how to link accounts.

Thankfully, Nintendo has posted a new blog post detailing how to complete this process.

Here's how! 


Blog Post

Nintendo has posted a new blog post detailing all these steps.

Check it out below!

Information on how to link or unlink your Nintendo Account from an Epic Games account.

Important: It is only possible to link one Nintendo Account to an Epic Games account. After linking your Nintendo Account to your Epic Games account, it will not be possible to switch the Nintendo Account linked even if you unlink the accounts.

Additional Information:

  • Linking an Epic Games account to your Nintendo Account allows you to access cross-play features within Fortnite where they are available.
  • If you don't choose to create a full account, an account will still be created with Epic Games using the display information that you choose. This account will be associated to your Nintendo Account.
  • Unlinking a Nintendo Account from an Epic Games account must be done by using a web browser to visit and cannot be done in-game.

Be sure to let us know how you are finding the new season.

As well, let us know how you found the Operation Snowdown event! 


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