Fortnite Season 5 Crossover Skins Leaked By Epic, All Our Predictions

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is halfway done already and we've already seen some amazing crossover skins so far!

In the battle over the loop, Agent Jones' Team is taking a strong lead with Kratos, T-800 and Predator already on his side, but could we know who else is on the way already?

Epic could already have teased who the Hunters are in Season 5 of Chapter 2, and we're here to explain who they could be.

The Hunter's Dossier

Over on Twitter, @thesquatingdog tweeted out about this dossier he was sent, along with notes from John Jones, the character in charge of fixing the Zero Point!

Fortnite and Jonesy CCed me on “The Plan” for season 5! Checkout this amazing care package they sent! What clues does this have for the new season of Fortnite?!
— Squatingdog (@thesquatingdog)
December 4, 2020

In the pack, several items were enclosed, which we believe connect to different skins coming in Chapter 2 Season 5. Some were crossed off on the list at the beginning, relating to the Battle Pass characters, and we've since seen skins release which were related to other items so we've moved those to the bottom of the piece!

Here are our predictions and reasoning for those guesses. We’ve also used some answers from this Reddit post, though mostly tried to think of our own where we can! 

Hand Wraps

This is the one we are the least sure of. Rocky is a character that comes to mind but that doesn't seem quite right as he isn't a hunter. Lara Croft is a rumoured character who could work, maybe, but honestly your guess is as good as ours on this one!

Update! A new reality log is strongly hinting at a G.I. Joe character as being one of the upcoming skins! While we aren't certain that the Hand Wraps will fit perfectly, the action figure's hands were always stuck in one position like they'd been wrapped up like that... it's a stretch but it's the best we have!


The golden hand on the scratcher suggests another Midas like character, perhaps a more feminine version? We know that this was teased by a Battle Pass loading screen from Chapter 2 Season 5, so she must be on the way!

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(Image: Epic)

It's interesting that she will join IO, given that Midas wanted to destroy the loop. Perhaps that isn't as similar as they appear.

Space Bananas

We feel like this could be one of two characters. Our main bet is on some kind of Peely Spacesuit skin, with the banana clad in Astronaught gear, though we could also see an astronaut monkey on the way too! We'd like to believe it could be Overwatch's Winston, but the character doesn't fit the design of any other Fortnite skin so we're probably getting a little caught up in wishful thinking on that one.


Not just any Candy, these are specifically Red and Blue Jelly Beans. This is an obvious Matrix reference but who will join IO. Our money is that Agent Jones will hire Agent Smith, a character known for keeping people from escaping a constructed reality an that Neo will sneak in to help stop them.

Perhaps Neo will join up with the Fox Clanm's Drift and Catalyst?

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The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?


Gold tokens match up well with just any about Bounty Hunter, to be honest, though we get a really strong gaming vibe. The Token also look a lot like gold coins so we have two guesses!

Geralt from the Witcher hunts monsters and Lara Croft is a treasure hunter known for exploring tombs for treasure. We also got an interesting Tweet from the Tomb Raider Twitter around the time that Lara Croft was being predicted by fans:

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The predictions were wrong when "Typhoon" turned out to be Sarah Connor and T-800 but we're still wondering if Lara could be on the way. Though Geralt would also be a fine choice!

Some have tried to say this is Green Arrow given the Robin Hood and gold connection but he doesn't have an in-game portal nor is referenced in the Season 5 story. His inclusion in Crew is likely non-cannon.

Already Revealed

Cup (Crossed out) - Menace

Gladiators are known for winning cups, also known as trophies, and we know Menace is undefeated! We'll put him down as being this from the dossier!

Sunglasses - T-800 & Sarah Connor

Of course, Terminator was on the way and Sarah Connor came too! Unfortunately, we didn't get Arnie in Fortnite Season 5 but we got a Terminator tie-in as we expected.

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He'll be back, next time loop!

Necklace - Mave

Mave's item wasn't crossed off but this could have been an error, as the Shark-tooth necklace is definitely hers! We don't have any ideas who else this could be so we'll say it's her.

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Peanut Butter Cups (Crossed out) - Reese

We'd like to believe this is Lexa, as in her suit she is something squishy surrounded by a hard exterior like a Peanut Butter Cup but Reese fits better here. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups anyone?

Cherry Blossom Tea (Crossed out) - Kondor

Of course this is Kondor. If not for the Eastern folklore connections but for Agent Jones' Reality Log which calls him out for talking about Cherry Blossom too much!

Ant Farm - Black Panther

We think the Ant Farm is for Black Panther. While he is associated with a different creature, (and Ant-Man would make a lot more sense) an ant colony is a lot like Wakanda, the country Black Panther is the king of.

On the surface, an Ant Farm is very plain, but below the surface, it's a complex series of tunnels. Wakanda is similar plain looking from the outside, but inside it is a world of exceptionally advanced technology! On the side of the box, it says you can see the ants Build Bridges and Move Mountains, pretty amazing feats which would only be possible if they were more capable than we expected.

It could be that Ant-Man will tie-in but given that Black Panther already had a trailer this season, and has a Portal bringing him to Island, one of these items must be him! Captain Marvel and Taskmuster will get lumped in too.

Wig (Crossed out) - Lexa

Lexa swaps between having hair and not, so the wig could fit her? Anime and cosplay and wigs all go together too? Honestly this is the weakest connection but given that this item must relate to a Battle Pass skin, out money is on Lexa!

Face Paint - Kratos

Kratos wears red face paint and we know he's come to the Island at the request of Agent Jones! We'll call this item for him!

Helmet (Crossed out) - Mandalorian

The Mandalorian never removes his helmet, so this seems about right for him as a teaser!

Rations - Master Chief

These military-style rations point to Master Chief, an alien hunter who's ready to finish the fight in Fortnite!

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Mud Mask - Predator

Mud is used to hide from Predator's heat vision in the films, and Jonsey mentions rolling in mud to hide from him in the Predator Reality Log.

Much like Terminator we guessed this one and got it right, check out our Predator Skin details here!

Syrup (Crossed out) - Mancake

Mancake has syrup dripping from his head and even a syrup-related emote. We are 100% sure on this item for the dossier being for him!

Baseball Bat - Daryl and Michonne

The Baseball Bat is now revealed to be for Michone and Daryl from The Walking Dead. It's a bit of a stretch but Negan's iconic Lucielle baseball bat has become incredibly recognisable and we know that Daryl and Michonne are joining Jonsey's team so we're saying this item teased them!

And that’s our predictions! As more skins get announced and released, we'll try to keep this page updated!

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