How To Enter The Mothership In Fortnite Season 7

The alien Mothership is this huge object that is going around the island over the course of this season. It could be regarded as the main antagonist in Fortnite for this season.

The Mothership has done a lot of damage to the island since it's arrived. It's left a huge hole in the middle of the island, and now it's begun abducting different POIs as well.

However, it's come with a few gifts too, but only for those who are worthy. And in order to get these gifts, you need to make your way inside the Mothership.

How to enter the Mothership in Fortnite

First things first, when it comes to the Mothership, you will have to keep a track of the abductors. You can't enter the Mothership with out these abductors.

These abductors can be found in triplets and occur near named locations on the Fortnite island. They're usually harmless but one out of them will help you enter the Mothership.

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You will have to spot the abductor that has a green beam coming out of it. The moment you spot that green beam, go and stand or glide in it. Your screen should change and you'll be taken into the Mothership.

Once inside the Mothership, you will face off against other abducted loopers in a timed brawl. During this brawl, you'll be able to collect certain orbs.

The more orbs you collect, the higher loot you will have access to after the brawl. And that is the prize that the Mothership has to offer to you.

Over the course of the brawl, you'll be able to visit the remnants of the locations that were abducted by the Mothership. Since Slurpy has been abducted completely, you'll be able to visity Slurpy Swamps too in there.

Visiting Slurpy Swamps will end up completing a Fortnite week 10 challenge, and you'll receive 30,000 XP.

Once you're done looting within the Mothership, you'll be beamed back to the ground again. Overall this is a fun little exercise, and it is totally worth the loot.

I never thought I'd have to say this but have fun being abducted by the aliens!

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