Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Ragsy Shield Techniques Questline Challenges Guide

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The Fortnite 18.20 update added Ragsy to Apollo Island. This odd, ratty version of Cuddle Team Leader awaits players in Risky Reels, and is a horror straight out of Fortnitemares. Ragsy has her own set of Punch Card challenges for players to complete and earn XP.

Epic Games bumped up their XP game greatly, making the XP grind less tiresome. So here is a full guide for Ragsy's Shield Techniques Questline Challenges.


How to complete Ragsy's Shield Techniques Questline Challenges Guide Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

Ragsy Fortnite location

Ragsy is found toward the northern entrance of Risky Reels, just past the ticket booth and near an RV.

Stage 1 - Purchase a Shield from a Vending Machine

The first stage of this quest is fairly simple. All players need to do is find a Mending Machine at just about any Gas Station on the Island and purchase a shield potion. It does not matter if it is Large or Small, though Small would be better considering the next challenge.


Stage 2 - Consume both a Small Shield Potion and a Shield Fish (0/2)

Another simple challenge, though players will need to take a bit of time to fish and find a Shield Fish. A Harpoon Gun makes this challenge much easier, as fish can be rapidly obtained with one.

Stage 3 - Harvest Stone from Sideways Rocks (0/50)

Harvesting Stone from the Sideways can be a bit tricky with so many Cube Monsters roaming about. It is best to approach this by landing or heading to the Sideway bubble instead of trying to take care of it in an Anomoly.


Stage 4 - Use a shield item while in the Sideways

Easier said than done, though using a Shield Fish or Small Shield is a lot quicker and easier to do in the Sideways than a full Large Shield.

Stage 5 - Take damage from an enemy player and survive

All it takes for players to complete this challenge to for them to take a single bullet and then get out of dodge. As long as players survive for a few seconds after taking damage from an enemy, they will easily complete this.


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