Fortnite: *SPOILER* Batman And Catwoman Make Their Way Back Into The Loop

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The Fortnite x Batman comics have had their own little sub-plots going on under the umbrella of the lore in the game. These comics have given us a better insight into the workings of the I.O.

The series is set to conclude with the sixth issue. But what does that mean for the Caped Crusader and the Cat?


Note: This article contains spoilers. Readers discretion is advised.

Batman and Catwoman make their way back into the loop

The Fortnite x Batman Issue #6 goes live this Tuesday. However, thanks to Fortnite data miner The Game Vlog, we have some interesting leaks on our hands.


The issue picks up from where the previous comic left off. Batman and Catwoman are seen standing at the Bridge. They can't head back to their own world because they lack a third person, without whom they can't set the frequency.

The third person they're looking for is Harley Quinn. However, before making their way back into the loop, Batman takes a few precautionary measures.

He heads into the loop armed with the Rift gun but asks Catwoman to pull him back in case he experiences some loss in memory. However, he doesn't experience any, and asks her to join him in the loop.


The comic will revolve around Batman and Catwoman looking for Harley Quinn. But I don't think the storyline will end here. From the looks of it, the Fortnite x Batman comics will raise more questions than it answers.

That being said, there's a special Batarang pickaxe with this issue. Not only that, everyone who's redeemed all six of the cosmetics associated with these comics will receive the Armored Batman Fortnite skin.

I'm guessing that the final comic will end in a cliff-hanger. The story will pick up once again in the Fortnite x Batman Special Comics that's set to go live on Batman Day.

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