Fortnite Winterfest 2020: All Presents Players Can Unwrap

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Fortnite's annual Christmas event is finally here!

Winterfest 2020 is the second year in a row we have seen Epic implement this event, and last year amazing.


2020 is aiming to be an even better one and feature players loved from last year's event is back.

That of course is the unwrapping of presents each day. 

Last year Epic gave away two skins for players, and they are feeling generous once again it seems.

Here are all the rumored and confirmed presents under the tree this year!




A leaked skin was found during the release of the Season.

Snowmando is one of the free skins players will be able to earn this Winterfest it appears.


The skin itself is adorable in every way! 

Candy Cane Skin

This was another leaked item found within the Winterfest 2020 teaser image.


We can assume it is going to be a skin players will earn during the event, and it is a skin modeled exactly after a candy cane. 


Be sure to check back tomorrow for all of the presents underneath the tree!