Where To Find Alien Driven Saucers In Fortnite

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Fortnite is literally crawling with flying saucers during this season. There's one huge saucer that's hovering around the island right now. And there are smaller ones wrecking havoc all over the place.

In order to complete this Fortnite week 6 challenge, you'll have to damage a saucer that's being driven by an alien. But how do you understand which one is being driven by an alien and which one isn't?

Where to find saucers driven by aliens?

If you've noticed carefully, whenever you've landed below the shadow of the mothership, you'll end up seeing increased UFO activity.


These saucers that you see under the shadow of the Mothership are usually being driven by aliens themselves.


Think about it, there are only six places on the island where these UFOs spawn. And 9 out of 10 times, most of the spawn locations are away from under the shadow of the Mothership itself.

Apart from that, these alien driven saucers only attack you if you attack them first. This is something I've noticed while playing Fortnite season 7.

Either way, as I mentioned before, these are the saucers you need to damage. Only a couple of shots will do.


If you're still not sure, just shoot at any and every flying saucer that you see in Fortnite Season 7. Given the number of alien driven saucers on the island, you will end up completing this Fortnite week 6 challenge in your very first try.

However, make sure you've got adequate cover when you're raining hell on these saucers. That energy cannon of theirs does a lot of damage, and you really don't want to be hit by it.

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