Fortnite: Thanos Skin Coming To The Item Shop Soon?

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The current Fortnite season is slowly but surely winding down.

There has been a lot of content implemented this season, including the cluster of skins, added recently. 

Now, there appears to be another skin that was in the game at one point finally being added into the item shop.

Here's all we know!



For those who do not know, Thanos was already within Fortnite during the very first Marvel X Fortnite colloboration.

However, at the time his skin was never added into the item shop.

But, new leaks have appeared which allude to the fact that he may be purchasable soon within the game.

The leak comes from Mang0e who has noted the following:

An animation for an Extra Large Male skin was added in 15.40.

Oddly enough though, the only XL male skin that currently exists is Thanos.

So, it appears there is a good chance that this skin appears within the item shop down the line.

How much the skin will cost is still in the air, but since this is a rather large skin we can assume it will cost players around 2000 Vbucks.

For now, we will have to wait and see if it does get added into the store. 


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