Are Fortnite Skins Slowly Beginning To Lose Their Rarity?

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Imagine coming across a Renegade Raider in a game of Fortnite these days? Everyone would be completely stoked to see such a skin in the lobby to begin with.

Not only that, loopers would tend to stay away from the Renegade Raider because the person playing with that skin would have had to be in Fortnite since the very beginning. So, Fortnite skins do convey a certain status symbol in the game..or do they?

Fortnite skins and their rarity


There was a point of time when people would actually love to own exclusive skins in Fortnite. It does feel good to have something that others don't have.

However, the moment Epic Games started bringing back skins from the dead, this entire exclusive skin thing started to lose it's charm. Yes, skins like the Wildcat or the Double Helix will always be rare because they were tied to other promotions.

Similarily, skins from Chapter 1 Season 1 will also be rare, because very few people played Fortnite back then. However, there are other skins, that have been missing from the Fortnite item shop for a while now.

For example, the Field Surgeon skin came back to the Fortnite item shop in April this year, after two whole years. The Triage Trooper, John Wick and similar skins were also missing from the Fortnite item shop for a considerable amount of time before making a return.

The Field Surgeon Fortnite skin came back to the item shop after a two year long hiatus.
Image via Epic Games

There were so many skins that were considered to be rare and exclusive. However, thanks to their return to the Fortnite item shop, they've lost that status. Bringing those skins back to the game at this point is a good move from a financial perspective though.

A skin is considered rare if not many people have it. So if a rare skin does make a return, many people will jump in and buy it. It's a very simple logic that Epic Games seemed to have used with regard to these skins.

The Triage Trooper Fortnite skin was away from the Fortnite item shop for a good while. It came back to the shop in April this year.
Image via Epic Games

But then again, this financial boost is a one time thing, unless they hold on to these skins for a long time before releasing them again. Either way, these skins cannot be considered as rare anymore, and is definitely disappointing for those who love to collect Fortnite skins.

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