Fortnite Glitch Turns Players Into "The Abominable Skin-man"

Fortnite is no stranger to glitches, nor do the loopers in the game shy away from any glitches either. However, a new skin glitch in Fortnite is enough to scare the living daylights out of loopers.

Thankfully, this skin glitch can be experienced in a certain LTM only, and it also requires the usage of a shadow bomb. The shadow bombs were a very interesting explosive object in the game. They allowed players to move faster for a short period of time.

That being said, let's move on to the glitch.

Fortnite glitch turns players into a faceless monster

In order for the glitch to work, you will have to have a skin that can be customized with wraps. Once you've equipped the skin, make your way to "The Floor Is Lava Disarmed LTM."

Once here, you'll have to pick up a shadow bomb, and then use it on yourself. You'll instantly be turned into a white, faceless husk like creature with extra long limbs.

This glitch doesn't last forever. It will last as long as the shadow bomb effects last. And then you'll turn back to your normal skin self. However, even for the short time that this glitch lasts for, it's enough to scare people.

Fortnite doesn't really have scary skins, but sometimes, these glitches shake things up. Since this glitch doesn't really harm things on a competitive level, I'm not sure if Epic Games will fix it at short notice.

However, given that we're expecting the Fortnite 17.21 update to drop soon, this glitch could be fixed via the update.

For some reason, I find this glitch really funny. Feel free to try it out, but at your own risk. That being said, the glitch can be seen in the video above as well. So feel free to check that out too.

That being said, is it just me or does this husk look like the Faceless Void from Dota 2?

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