Fortnite's Singularity May Not Be As Innocent As She Looks

Fortnite has a lot of interesting characters. Singularity is someone that stands out from the entire lot. While we don't know the origin story of most of the characters on the island, we know absolutely nothing about Singularity.

That being said, Fortnite Chief Creative Officer said that Singularity was one of the pivotal characters in Fortnite. Thanks to the recent Rift Tour, here's something really interesting that's going on.

What are Singularity's intentions in Fortnite?

Before going on further with her intentions, there's something really interesting that we spotted during the Rift Tour.

At the beginning, we're drawn into the rift. And as we're travelling, we see instances of our previous memories on the island. All these memories are from Chapter 1 itself. However, there's one interesting bit here.

The final memory, which includes Kevin The Cube, isn't from Chapter 1. Instead it's from Chapter 2, and it's showing where our favorite cube will spawn.

Back in Chapter 1, Kevin The Cube spawned at Paradise Palms. And if the above information is correct, Kevin The Cube will spawn near Craggy Cliff in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

This just goes on to prove that the aliens are actually looking for Kevin. We're not really sure what their intentions are. All we know is that they're looking for our cube.

But how is Singularity involved with this?

There's another memory that shows the Mecha Fight in Fortnite. This Mecha soldier was created by Singularity herself. Once the fight was over, the Mecha flew away into the atmosphere, never to return.

The aliens, on the other hand, flew in from the atmosphere itself. We know that the aliens flew in here. The reality they come from is known as the last reality.

Now, if you compare the skins of Singularity and Kymera, you'll notice that there is an odd similarity between the armor of these two skins.

Singularity and Kymera have oddly similar armor.
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Image via YouTube/Playstation Grenade

That being said, there's a high chance that Singularity indeed is the leader of the aliens and she will be coming to Fortnite in Season 8.

Moreover, if she wasn't that important or if she had nothing to do with the aliens, Donald Mustard would never make her his skin during the event. Nor would he post a picture with it.

We all know how sneaky Fortnite's Chief Creative Officer can get when it comes to teasing Fortnite content. So since he's done that, this probably is the reason itself.

That being said, this is still speculation. We'll have more information on this as we close in on Fortnite Season 8.

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