The Social Tab and Rift Tour Challenges Come To Fortnite

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We've been seeing a lot about the Fortnite Social Tab off late. That tab will, in all probability, contain event specific information.

You'll be able to save the dates for an event. And you'll probably get notifications as well for the same as you near in on the saved dates for your event.

The Fortnite Social Tab comes with a new event as well.


The Fortnite Social Tab and The Rift Tour event

The Rift Tour challenges are being used to kick off the Fortnite Social tab in a grand way. For starters, there's one challenge associated with it too.

If you successfully manage to complete the challenge you'll be rewarded with a new loading screen. In order to complete the challenge, you'll have to save the date in the Rift Tour tab and you'll have to play a match.

Since the counter for the number of matches says two, I think you'll have to save the date only once and successfully complete two matches.

According to popular Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey, the Rift Tour Challenges are set to go live at around 10 AM EST. To make things easier for the global audience, these challenges will go live in approximately two hours.


It's going to be interesting to see what all events end up on the social tab from now on. Personally, I feel that the story driven events should also secure a space on the Fortnite Social Tab as well.

Here are a list of all the challenges in the Rift Tour event along with the rewards.



Not only would that give people a reminder of when the event will happen. It will also get more people to play the event.

But all that is for laters, for now have fun with the Rift Tour Challenge. And don't forget to grab your own copy of the Cosmic Cuddles loading screen after you've finished the challenges.

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