Is Majin Buu In Fortnite?

Majin Buu is probably one of the stronger characters in Dragon Ball series. Although Buu was a fan favorite in the series, no one really expected to see him in Fortnite.

Epic Games hasn't officially added a Majin Buu skin to the game, but there's something similar in the game right now.

Majin Buu's tryst with Fortnite

Like I mentioned before, there's no Majin Buu skin in Fortnite. However, there's a hologram portal in Fortnite that turns you into a blob of bubble gum.

These hologram portals were added in Fortnite a couple of days back. Some can be found above the abductors, while others can be found at different unnamed locations all around the map.

This bubblegum hologram portal can be found near the Yellow Steel Bridge. It turns you into a huge pink blob. This blob resembles Majin Buu in a lot of aspects.

While this hologram portal acts as a gag for the most part, the others aren't. They grant several benefits to the loopers. One grants you low gravity, while there is another one that turns you into a prop.

Overall, these hologram portals make things really interesting in Fortnite. There was a survey that Epic Games released a couple of weeks back. That did contain Goku from the Dragon Ball universe.

Epic Games was even working on a collaboration with a company that owned the rights to certain anime characters including Naruto and Goku. That being said, Majin Buu was the last character that anyone expected to see in the game.

Personally, I don't think there will be a Majin Buu Fortnite skin ever. The character was popular, yes, but he wasn't as popular as the Z-fighters.

That being said, you need to make do with this bubble gum version of Majin Buu in Fortnite till we get a proper Dragon Ball skin.

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