Fortnite Season 7 Leak Claims An "Electricity Element" Is Coming Soon

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The team at Epic Games has done a great job at reviving the popularity of Fortnite. It has been stated that this season was unlike any others before it. To accomplish this, Fortnite has been given some of the craziest new features.

A way Fortnite has been getting more fun is by utilizing the elements. When you use elemental damage creatively instead of just having overpowered weapons, it's more fun for players. Leakers claim that the new element is coming soon, which is great to hear.


Fortnite leak suggests electricity element is coming to Fortnite

Fire has always been well utilized in Fortnite by Epic Games. For instance, wood and trees can be consumed by flames in Fortnite. An already complex game gained yet another dimension with the addition of this gameplay element. Because the fire hit hard and dealt serious damage, players had to keep their wood pieces away from it.

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The latest leak suggests Epic Games is adding another element to Fortnite. Soon, it might be possible to introduce an electricity component similar to fires. The claims seem strange, but they are credible.


HYPEX first reported Fortnite's latest development. Apparently, Epic Games is working on some kind of electrical component that would function as the fire effects in the game. On the other hand, a fire affects wooden structures and trees, whereas electricity only damages metal structures.

All the information we have so far about electricity is contained in the brief description above. Fortnite Season 7 will likely be one of the best in the game's history if this is true. Players will be forced to think a bit more in order to win, which is an excellent element to add to games like Fortnite

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