Fortnite Season 7: 5 best map codes for 1v1 practice in 2021

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Regardless of the mode you choose, most of the fights in Fortnite are 1v1. When a player practices fighting in 1v1 long enough, they will be able to win Victory Royales. Among the maps on this list are some of the most commonly used and most advantageous in Fortnite today. Playing build battles, shooting shotguns in a closed area, or just practicing with a friend will be helpful to players.

Below we have five of the best maps to practice in.


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Table of Contents

Advanced Portal 1v1 Map

The 1v1 map we're going to try out is a classic type of map for Fortnite. With this map, you can play 1v1 against your friends in a clean environment, but with all the advanced options you would typically enjoy. Portals are the main feature of this map, and they do it very well. You and your friends can portal to different map sections to pick weapons, fight, spectate, and more!


Fortnite Map Code: 0645-0478-4359


New players can wonder what the point is in practicing build battles and staying focused on their surroundings. Players can build and fight at the same time in Fortnite. In fact, it's how just about every fight plays out now.

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In order to survive in the game, you need to be a pro builder. Players will be paired with other players who have similar skill levels and can practice in this realistic setting until they become comfortable.

Fortnite Map Code: 9650-7226-8979

The Perfect 1v1

While it seems silly to make a name like this, the creator does not lie. It is exactly what is needed in a Fortnite practice Map. You get everything you need a quick, clean, and simple map. Fight against another opponent within minutes in this map. Select your loadout and then agree on where to fight with your friends. When everything is said and done, you get to simulate the perfect practice arena in this 1v1 map!


Fortnite Map Code: 2446-3479-5517

Sniper One Shot

The map-maker Dux is popular in the Fortnite universe, and he creates short, simple games that are pretty popular. This map is one of his best, in my opinion. He offers some excellent shorts for practicing trick shots with a sniper or as a daily warm-up. As Snipers vaulted to season 6, this map is a fun way to keep your expertise up to date!


Fortnite Map Code: 6103-8566-5742

Realistic 1V1

FinestYT's realistic series, specifically its Realistic 1v1 series, is the way to go for players who want great practice. The map provided by FinestYT is easy to use and has mats, ammo, weapons, and ammunition available in good locations.

Maps change with every playthrough, so it doesn't matter how many times you've played them. There's no unfairness in this fight.


Fortnite Map Code: 7950-6306-4857

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