Fortnite Season 6: "We're expecting some shake-ups," says MonsterDface

Fortnite Season 6 kicks off in just a few days, and longtime caster MonsterDface is expecting big things.

Speaking to ahead of the FNCS Grand Finals, MonsterDface said the Season 5 meta was 'pretty solid', but stressed that the format of the competitive scene needs improvement.

Fortnite Season 6: "We're expecting some shake-ups," says MonsterDface

"I think the morale is definitely high in the competitive scene, as far as the state of the game, but I do also believe that the format is probably the only thing that’s a bit of a dark cloud hovering over the Fortnite scene," he said.

"I feel like the state of Fortnite competitive has really gone on an upward trajectory, down to like how the spectator client is capturing the content, to the way the pros are continuing to solidify themselves as the best of the best.

"I think every scene has its high and low tide, but I’d say if anything when it comes to Fortnite competitive, we’re on one of the higher ends and its definitely because the Season 5 meta is pretty solid."

MonsterDface, who has long been part of the Fortnite competitive scene since the game’s early days, added that despite the game moving in the right direction, Epic Games could make some major changes for Season 6.

"It’s balanced, especially with the removal of the Shockwave Grenades, so I think it’s in a really balanced state," he explained.

"But coming into Season 6, who knows what’s going to happen. We’re expecting some shake-ups, Epic are taking things a little different lately, but I think we’re going to continue to go in a good direction and I think the morale will be very solid."

The Season 5 Fortnite Champion Series Finals are this weekend, and you can watch the event within Fortnite itself.

Drop into Party Royale and check out the event as it happens from 7 PM GMT, as per Epic's blog.

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