You Can Now Get A Shout Out In Fortnite, But For A Price

We've already spoken about how messed up the gold economy is, in Fortnite. With less ways to earn this shiny metal, everything just seems so expensive in the game.

To add to your woes, there's a new NPC driven quest in Fortnite. It's completely optional, as in you don't have to do it. And given the nature of the quest, most of us wouldn't want to do it either.

This quest is offered by Dreamflower. You'll come across this NPC at Flopper Pond in Fortnite. To complete this quest, you'll need to tip the bus driver some gold.

I understand that the bus driver has been transporting us into the loop since the very first day. Despite the numerous times we loopers have fallen sick on the bus, he hasn't complained at all. So it does make sense to give him a tip. But tipping him 4000 gold bars? Nope, not happening.

While that's the bigger tip, there's a smaller tip of 500 gold bars that you can give him. The small tip is more feasible, but it's still pretty expensive.

As mentioned before, there aren't many ways to earn gold bars. Yes you get gold from payphones and NPC missions, but you can't do too many of them in one go. You also get around 8 gold from eliminating an enemy looper, but that also is a slow method.

Overall, you'll really need to grind a lot to save up the gold required for this quest.

What are the rewards for tipping the bus driver in Fortnite?

You don't really come out empty handed after tipping the bus driver. Your name will pop up in the kill feed and the bus driver will use a special honk for you. Oh and you get around 24k XP by tipping the bus driver. But that's about it.

Inflation has really hit the Fortnite island, and it has hit the island hard. If paying 4000 gold bars for a 2 second kill feed flash and a special honk isn't an indicator of inflation, then I don't know what is.

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