The Secret NitroJerry Emote

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The recent Fortnite 17.10 update introduced us to a range of new skins and cosmetics in the game. From the Magma Legends set to the NitroJerry Fortnite skin, a lot of these skins are actually good looking, and aren't based on collaborations.

We've all had our experiences with skin specific emotes in Fortnite. The Neymar Jr. skin has his own emote that activates his primal form. Similarly, NitroJerry has an emote that is exclusive to him too. But this emote triggers under special circumstances only.


How to activate the secret NitroJerry emote?

It won't be a secret anymore if I told you how to do it. But then again, data miners have put it out on Twitter already so it isn't a secret anymore.

To activate this emote, you'll have to get a Victory Royale while wearing the NitroJerry skin. Now considering that this skin is based off a firecracker, the emote would involve some kind of an explosion.


Whoever designed this skin and the emote has a dark and a twisted sense of humor because NitroJerry ends up blowing his head off in excitement. The emote is called "Short Fuse" and it's not the best way to celebrate a victory but oh well! To each their own I suppose.

The NitroJerry Fortnite skin is a part of the Ka-Bang set. It hasn't gone live yet. This set will apparently go live after July 4th. While it's difficult to put a finger on the price tag just yet but I'm assuming it'll be priced somewhere in between 2,000 - 2,500 V-Bucks.


Overall, I'm not really sure if I'm excited about this skin in the first place, primarily because of the emote. But the skin colors are quite vibrant and it'd make a wonderful addition to you're locker.

As for me, I'll just be happy with Toon Meowscles!