Fortnite: Ninja Explains Why He's Finding Fortnite Boring

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Former Fortnite Twitch star, turned Mixer icon, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins discusses why he's grown bored of Fortnite recently and talks about his frustration with the battle royales' map.

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Fortnite seems to be a sensitive topic in the gaming world.

If it's not gamers swearing off of it completely, it's diehard fans infuriated with a new update. 

The latest person to express their frustration is streamer, Ninja, who was actually launched into stardom, by the very game he's upset with. 

Twitches most viewed streamer turned Mixer streamer started with “I’m on 50 f**king ping,” he raged. “I wanna move to CoD right now. Man that’s just not fun. I dunno what it is. Somehow the game [Fortnite] is getting laggier. I’m on East Coast servers dude and I can’t place walls.”


Since it's release on March 10th, Ninja has been dipping in and out of Call of Duty: Warzone, for some fresh content. He explains that he does want to play Fortnite, but he doesn't seem to find the game enjoyable “in its current state”.

He highlighted the game’s solos mode as particularly frustrating in its current build. 

In another video, both Ninja and SypherPK criticised the game for its lack of engaging new content.


He said, “I’ve come to the conclusion bro, we need to bring the old map back.” Despite his frustration, he mentioned that the likelihood of Epic simply abandoning its new map is very low. 

Ninja then ended his rant with, “I’m just bored because there’s nothing new. They added the agency, everything was so fun… now, everyone knows where they wanna land. 75% of the lobby is dead in the first four minutes and there’s nothing new.”