Fortnite Leaks Hint At An Upcoming Raz Like Skin

Raz was one of the main antagonists of Fortnite Season 6. Although I'm still not sure what he was trying to do in the previous season, he was the bad guy.

He shot all those fancy electric rays from his hands and stole health from players. Not only that, he was an absolute pain to kill.

Recent Fortnite leaks however, suggest that there's a Raz-like skin in the works. And that was enough to send the community into a spiral.

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What is this new skin that the Fortnite leaks are talking about?

According to Fortnite data miner Hypex, there's a skin which has a pink contrail. Not only that, the skin also uses arm bands like Raz did back in Fortnite Season 6.

It's easy to assume that we'll see this skin sometime over the course of this season because it's been spotted in the files. However, there's a chance it may not turn up either. Remember what happened to Peter Griffin? Yeah, that could happen to this skin too.

The skin in question is codenamed Sonic. Since these codenames describe the nature of the skin, there's a chance this skin would have something to do with speed.

This could also be a female variant of the Raz skin. A member from the Fortnite community took the trouble of making a concept art for the skin as well, and it looks amazing.

The Fortnite Raz skin was riddled with controversy last season. The only way to unlock the Glyph Master Raz skin was by completing the Spire Quests.

However, a bug prevented players from completing the quests and thus prevented them from unlocking the Glyph Master variant for Raz. Epic Games stepped in and gave the skin to whoever completed even one Spire Quest.

Although the skin was unlocked at the beginning of Season 7, it drew the wrath of the loopers who had spent hours trying to defeat Raz.

Either way, that controversy died down and everyone's happy for now. The current Fortnite leak does make the skin sound interesting. However we'll still have to wait for the data miners to dig up more information about it.

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