Kevin The Cube All Set To Make A Magnificent Return In Fortnite

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Kevin The Cube is probably one of the most popular characters in Fortnite, at least in terms of lore. Look wise it's just cube, but apparently, it's probably one of the most powerful entities in Fortnite.

Introduced back in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5, Kevin The Cube reeked of strange powers and mystical abilities. It could recharge health and shields of loopers. It could also double up as a launch pad.


Overall, for the short while that Kevin The Cube was actively present in Fortnite, was an interesting time indeed.

Everything we know about about Kevin The Cube's return

Kevin The Cube's return was highly anticipated for a while now. As of the Fortnite update today, some files related to Kevin The Cube were finally added to the game files again.


That being said, this return doesn't come as a huge surprise because there was an anonymous leaker who had mentioned the return of Kevin in a leak on Reddit a few days ago.

Although there was a lot of ambiguity surrounding this information, it looks like this information is true. There were a few more revelations that go on to prove the authenticity of this leak.

Having said that, if these leaks are indeed true, Kevin The Cube will be under the control of someone known as the Queen. The identity of this Queen character still remains to be a mystery.


And we'll probably be seeing Kevin return towards the end of this season, or in Fortnite Season 8. Overall, this information of Kevin The Cube returning has sent the entire community into a tizzy.

This cube was referenced during the previous season as well. The Spire and Glyph Master Raz were tied to Kevin The Cube in a few ways. This could also mean that Raz's story finally gets a proper ending too.


We'll have to wait and watch how it all pans out. I'm really excited to see Kevin return. Are you?

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