Fortnite 17.20 Update Patch Notes

The Fortnite 17.20 update is right around the corner. This update may not be as eventful as the previous update. However, this update will set up the stage for the upcoming updates in terms of the story.

Just like every other Fortnite update we'll be seeing a few bug fixes, as indicated by the Fortnite Community Trello.

Here's everything we know about the Fortnite 17.20 update.

Fortnite 17.20 Update Release Date

The Fortnite 17.20 update is going live today i.e., July 20th. The downtime has already begun and the updates are finally here.

Update Size

  • Xbox Series X: 2.88 GB
  • Nintendo Switch: 1.5 GB
  • PC: 1.96 GB
  • PS4 : 3 GB
  • PS5 : 2.7 GB
  • Xbox One: 2.6 GB

Fortnite 17.20 Update Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

As listed on their Trello Board, here are the bug fixes that we'll be seeing with the Fortnite 17.20 update:

  • Battle Royale:
    • Cosmic Chest timers may remain on screen if a Bounty is poached.
    • Props drive vehicles erratically.
    • Ziplines temporarily disabled.
    • Vendor Rifts temporarily disabled.
    • Epic Chests may sometimes not provide any weapons in Arena.
    • The button for Arena Division/tournament details is currently unresponsive on controller.
    • 'Hold Inventory button' shortcut for accessing the Crafting menu is not working.
  • Creative:
    • Vehicle explosion not properly triggered with "Destroyed with Transmit" on.
    • Lighting issues occurring while in Replay Mode.
    • Incorrect crosshair appears while using Rail Gun during gameplay in Creative.
    • Player can encounter infinite loading screen when flying out of Island.
  • Save The World:
    • The Banner Gadget deals 89 flat damage vs 89 base damage.

Preferred Item Slots

With the new update, we'll receive more control over our inventory. We'll be able to pick what goes where. No more randomly filling our inventory in the heat of our battle. We can now designate which weapon goes in which slot then let the game do the picking up for us.

New skins, variants and cosmetics

There are a few cosmetics that are getting new variants for their old skins. That being said, there are a few new skins on the roster as well.

Epic Games has announced a few new bundles as well. And it shouldn't come as a surprise for all with Fortnite pro Bugha getting his own Icon Series Skin as well.

The GHOST and SHADOW henchmen finally get their own skins as well. They've got their own associated back blings too. From the looks of it, these will be separate bundles.

This update also receives a few set of skins which are reactive to wraps. And it's not just the skin, even back blings and pickaxes of a few skins that react to wraps.

Epic Games also released a range of pride themed sprays. They're a bit late with these cosmetics, but hey, they're here nevertheless.

The Rainbow Riot wrap from Chapter 1 Season X has been renamed to the Wild Rainbow wrap as of this update.

The Summer Rippley skin receives a new texture as well in the Fortnite update today.

New weapon

The Gravity Gun is finally here. It may not be unlocked in game right after the update, but it's here. Expect it to be unlocked either today or sometime this week itself.

Here's a small trailer of the weapon in action.

Special Event Countdown

There's apparently a special event in the works as well. We don't know what that event is just yet, but there are a few strange looking images that will probably act as countdown to the event.

While those happen to be the icons for the special event, here are the sound files that are associated with the special event.

Apparently, the new event is being codenamed as "Buffet", and there are a few posters that refer to the event as well. They're encrypted currently.

Apparently, this special event will also have challenges associated with it. What these challenges are is a question for another day. But the idea of a new event is completely amazing at this point.

New LTMs

For now there are two new LTMs that we have word about. The first one happens to be Bugha's Late Game. It's a three man team LTM from the looks of it.

The other new LTM that was updated was the Pickaxe Frenzy LTM.

There are a few new Creative LTMs as well. Expect them to go live once the server is live again.

New Challenge Pack

The Breakpoint's quest pack was updated with the Fortnite update today. It should be available in the item shop at any time after the servers go live today. Most importantly, you won't be able to purchase this pack with V-Bucks. You'll have to buy it with real money.

Weekly Challenges

The weekly challenges for the next two weeks are here as well. Surprisingly, we've also got the epic challenges for week 11 too.


In the leaks that had surfaced previously, The Sideways was mentioned. That being said, a new gameplay tag has been uncovered, that reads as follows : Athena.AI.SpawnLocation.Encounter.Sideways .

This could mean that the Sideways is actually an NPC and it will end up spawning somewhere on the map soo.

Another NPC was just updated in the Fortnite 17.20 update. Kymera is all set to spawn in Fortnite. You can find him at Coral Castle, but there are three different spots at Coral Castle where he'll be spawning.

He brings a specific set of challenges to the table as well. There aren't any rewards associated with these challenges just yet.

Social Tab

The Social Tab that was being talked about a few weeks ago, still happens to be in the works. From the looks of it, it'll make attending events easier.

Encrypted Packs

There are approximately 10 encrypted packs with this update. One of which is supposed to be the August Crew pack. We'll know about the rest of the files once they've been decrypted.

However, data miner XTigerHyperX believes that one of these files contains Madcap.

New wildlife

As per the information received from data miners about the Fortnite update today, Epic Games is apparently working on a flying animal. It's been codenamed as "Avian" and will be the first flying animal in Fortnite.

Kevin The Cube

New Kevin The Cube sequences were added to the game files after the Fortnite update today. This goes on to solidify the fact that Kevin The Cube will be making a return in Fortnite either towards the end of this season, or during the beginning of the next season.

And with that, we'll be wrapping up the Fortnite update 17.20 patch notes. The Fortnite update today may not have been that interesting in terms of content, but hey, it does set the tone up for the upcoming Fortnite 17.21 update.

See you again in two weeks.

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