More Issues Plague Fortnite as Inflate-A-Bulls Disabled

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First, the Abductors were gone for a while.

Then Zip Lines.


There were issues with Alien Nanites, and also with Beach Brutus.

Now it seems like Inflate-A-Bulls, Fortnite's newest item, have been disabled.

Inflate-A-Bulls Disabled in Fortnite


Inflate-A-Bulls arrived in Fortnite earlier today (July 13, 2021) and have been a fun item to mess around with, bouncing around Apollo Island.

A short while ago they were disabled in the game, with Epic citing that they need to investigate an issue with them.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 has been plagued with various issues over the past week, affecting Abductors, zip lines, Beach Brutus, and Alien Nanites.

The issue with the Inflate-A-Bull is certain to cause an issue, especially since one of the Legendary Quests that launch tomorrow requires players to use one.

Hopefully Epic will figure out the issue quicker than the other issues with the game or they will be giving players another freebie quest.


Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull
BULL: The Inflate-A-Bull is hilariously awesome

Players did manage to be able to enjoy the Inflate-A-Bull for a good portion of the day before it was removed, resulting in some pretty hilarious situations where round cows were bouncing all over Apollo Island.

The Inflate-A-Bull has proven to be a useful item for ambushing enemies, rapidly traveling in the water, and traversing through burning areas without taking damage.

A well times Inflate-A-Bull can even protect players from a Rail Gun or Sniper Shot.

If it does end up getting re-enabled, it is an item that will hopefully stay in rotation for quite some time.


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