Fortnite: What Is An Illegal Restart?

With update 15.30 now live in Fortnite, it's time to grind out those Victory Royales again.

Unfortunately, you may have been banned from the game for what Epic dubs an "Illegal Restart" – which isn't the most helpful description.

Here's what an Illegal Restart is, and what you can do to avoid it.

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What Is An Illegal Restart?

"Due to your recent actions, you have been issued a competitive warning for Illegal Restart. Please refrain from repeat offences or you may receive an account ban" is the message you'll receive if this happens to you, but it's not clear what that is.

Players that cause "illegal restarts" are essentially those that have been eliminated from a tournament and attempt to re-enter without anyone noticing.

So, if your team is dumped out of a tournament, you can theoretically join another and be put back in the game.

Needless to say, it's frowned upon and is now a bannable offence in Epic's terms and conditions.

How To Avoid An Illegal Restart

I mean, isn't it obvious?

Don't cheat, and take your L with dignity – don't try and jump back into a match.

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