Fortnite Has Added A Ferrari 296 GTB For Players To Drive

Over the years, Fortnite has added some exciting updates. It was once unheard of for teams to collaborate, but now they've exceeded all expectations. Fortnite, a game that is not a car game, now has a Ferrari in it.

A game with this new addition must be fun and exciting for players. Fortnite revealed the information in a casual tweet. To be honest, it seems like an entire update or screen should have been dedicated to this information.

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Fortnite adds a Ferrari to the game

It's been a while since vehicles appeared in Fortnite. Until recently, cars served only as a source of raw materials but then were made drivable. Furthering this idea, Epic Games seems to be working on adding a new vehicle, this time modeled after a real-life car. Fortnite will be adding a high-end car, but now that the teaser tweet has been released, it appears to be official.

A real-life Ferrari is now available in the game for Fortnite players. The official Fortnite Twitter account posted this at noon EST on Wednesday. It has gained much popularity and positive feedback from the player base, illustrating how important this is.

It appears that the community is very pleased with this addition, as there have been over 1,000 responses, all of them positive. Fortnite fans can expect many new challenges and alien artifacts tomorrow: a new vehicle and alien artifacts. Additionally, some free challenges may come along with the car that involves driving one.

The vehicle is expected to appear tomorrow, according to Fortnite Leaks and News. In addition to the weekly challenges, this could be part of the hotfix that adds new challenges. Tomorrow (Thursday), the car should arrive.

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