Fortnite Dreamhack Open Tournament Registrations Announced For April 2021

DREAMHACK UPDATE - The Fortnite Cash Cup Extra Presented by DreamHack should now appear in the compete tab!

Original Story - Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is here, and a new online tournament will offer fans $250k a month to show their skills.

"The Dreamhack Open Featuring Fortnite" and "CashCup Extra presented by DreamHack" will allow players in Europe and North America to battle it out for the huge monthly prize pool right up to mid-May 2021.

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DreamHack Open Featuring Fortnite Details

Sign-ups are open now, and there will be two open qualifiers with 250 players advancing from the heats to the semifinals.

Then it'll be 100 players moving onto the Grand Final. Check out the structure below.

Reckon you've got what it takes?
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The tournament will be streamed live on Twitch with professional commentary for all to watch.

The community-focused event will allow anyone to participate and show their skill. It's a chance for upcoming and talented players to prove themselves in a competitive environment.

Wondering how you'll earn points? Each position awards points, so winners will end up with 60 points, while the first to be eliminated will only earn one. You'll also get 5 points per elimination, so it pays to be aggressive.

The tournament is only available for solo players, but you can find out more by heading to the site here.

Fortnite DreamHack Dates

Here are the dates for the two DreamHack tournaments.

Note the location is the server location only.

Fortnite DreamHack isn't limited to specific regions.

CashCup Extra (NA East and Europe) — Trios

  • April 15
  • April 21
  • May 12

DreamHack Open featuring Fortnite (NA East and Europe) — Duos

  • April 16 - April 18

Fortnite DreamHack Prizes

The montly U.S. and E.U. DreamHack tournaments have a prize pool totalling $250,000.

Fortnite DreamHack Signup

Anyone over 13 playing Fortnite, regardless of platform, can sign up.

After launching Fortnite, navigate to the "compete" tab.

Select the tab, then find the "DreamHack Online Open" option, and choose that.

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