The Fortnite Dreamhack Open Tournament August 2021

Fortnite Season 7 has been a very crazy ride this far. To make things more enjoyable, the Fortnite Dreamhack for August 2021 is finally here.

The tournament will allow all players from North America (East) and Europe battle it out for a huge cash prize.

Dreamhack Open ft. Fortnite

You can now sign up for the Dreamhack open within Fortnite itself. All you need to do is navigate to the compete tab and then scroll your way to the Dreamhack option. You do not need to navigate and register at an external website.

Click on that and you're all set to battle your way to the top spot.

The entire tournament is in the form of Duos, so you will need a team mate to participate in this tournament.

The first leg of the EU heats in the Fortnite tournament today are on at the time of writing this article. The heats were delayed for a while due to some technical difficulties, but they're on right now.

If you've missed the first leg of the Fortnite tournament today, you still have two more heats in which you could make it up. Here are the details for Europe.

As mentioned before, players from NA East will also be able to participate in the Dreamhack Open ft. Fortnite. However the fortnite tournament today on the NA-East server starts in a couple of hours.

That being said, the location depends upon the server location primarily, so you can technically compete from anywhere in the world. However, it would be better if you looked into the terms and conditions for the tournament before you decide to participate.

Do you have what it takes to dominate in the Fortnite tournament today? If you do, then make sure you bring your A game, because the game is on!

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