Fortnite Season 7 Week 10 Challenges: Where to Find and Damage Doctor Slone

Doctor Slone, the fearless leader of the I.O. finally made it to the island in Fortnite season 7. Although she is fighting the alien invaders, she doesn't take kindly to the loopers on the island.

She definitely isn't a friendly and will shoot at you if she sees you. But where do you find Doctor Slone?

Fortnite Doctor Slone location

When it comes to locating this NPC, you will find her at Corny Complex. This POI may look like a cornfield but it's secretly an I.O. base. As mentioned before Doctor Slone is not a friendly.

Unlike the other NPCs on the island, Doctor Slone does not sell anything either.

It's literally crawling with I.O. guards, and as you traverse deeper into the facility, you'll come across Doctor Slone.

If you're new to Fortnite and you don't know where Corny Complex is, here's a map to help you out with finding the location.

Corny Complex is the Doctor Slone's location in Fortnite.
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Once you've tracked Doctor Slone down, all you need to do is deal some damage to her. Now remember, this is a boss fight. So you'll need to be prepared. Make sure your health and shields are topped off.

Not only that, make sure you walk into Corny Complex with a lot of bullets, and the weapons that you're comfortable with. Doctor Slone is a massive bullet sink so you will have to be prepared.

Damaging Doctor Slone will complete another weekly challenge for you. All you need to do is deal her 50 damage and you'll be 30,000 XP richer. You can choose to high tail it out of here and you'll still have the XP.

However, if you choose to carry on the fight and you end up eliminating Doctor Slone, you will bag yourself a brand new Pulse Rifle of exotic rarity.

Are you up for a fight looper?

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