Fortnite Creative Best Roleplay Maps (December 2021)

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Fortnite Creative has plenty of Creative maps to keep you entertained! Here are our Top 5 which you can play right now and have a ton of fun with the game.

Additionally, players can also earn more than 125,000 XP on a daily basis from Fortnite Creative. Thus, spending some time in Creative maps can actually help in unlocking exclusive Battle Pass cosmetics in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8.

Also, make sure to go through our series of guides for Fortnite Chapter 3. It's only a matter of days before the new chapter rolls into the game.


By Jesse-ocegueda

Code: 1080-0231-9075

Cybernite is a 1-player adventure where you are a member of a cybersecurity unit called "CybSec." If you want the Cyberpunk-vibe of Cyberpunk 2077 without the bugs and as a free-to-play game, this map is sure to be up your street!

Roleplay : Home Alone

By Marablind

Code: 3555-2496-7707

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If you've ever wanted to be Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, now is your chance! This map also doubles as a Hide & Seek one so be sure to give both game modes a go!

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Rob The Vault: Roleplay

By DF78

Code: 7300-7348-4644

In Rob The Vault you will be a thief task to steal from a bank. It's an absolute blast, with NPCs and platforming in the way to stop you! Give it a go if you want some classic role-play fun.

Overtime: Firefighter

By Tollmolia

Code: 9586-7818-6104

Last but not least we have another classic, OvertimeFirefighter! Live out your childhood dreams by putting out fires across the map and become a hero.

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Escape The Prison!

By Ogc-Xiro

Code: 7257-2806-2209

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This is an Escape Parkour map but it's a fun one with a Prison Break theme so we'll put it down as a Roleplay! This is great with a few extra players so grab some friends and see who can break out first!

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